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Hey guys,

So I have been shopping for a Forester- looking for a 2000-2002 S with manual trans. I have found a couple really well maintained ones that seem to have slipped through my fingers as I got my finances together. With that in mind- I have been looking at an 02 impreza outback sport.

I was gonna ask/ search for this over an NASIOC, but their servers are down....

Are there reliability issues to look out for with the 02 impreza sport? Headgaskets? I thought I read something about a knock sensor somewhere...

The one I am looking at has:

Newish brakes and rotors
Clutch 10k ago
new factory exhaust a couple k ago

Probably purchas price between $3500-4k

I am looking at it on Saturday and possibly taking it to get inspected at the dealer on the same day if I am really interested.

What should I look for? What are the typical problems specific to this model?

And, this is my excuse for putting this question in the Forester shopping section. Should I just hold on for a forester S model. If Im gonna buy a forester I want something with all the appropriate maintenance records, headgaskets, timing belt, etc. I would be willing to pay something like 6k +/- for the right forester, but I figured this impreza would be a cheaper compromise. What do you say? Hold out for a couple more weeks riding my bicycle in the Chicago snow til I find a nice Forester S or go for the Impreza?

(ahem, if you have an S model that you want to sell w/ maintenance records, I may be interested.)
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