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Impressive service by Subaru

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I take my Forester to Subaru Superstore of Chandler (AZ) for service and have always been impressed with the facility and service. On the last visit they marked on my print out that the Battery needed replacement. I really didn't read that until I found myself stuck in YellowStone with no cell-service surrounded by wildlife when it indeed died completely. Waited hours for the Forest Service to give me a jump and they directed me to a location out of the park to get a new battery.

I called SOA after I got back and was on the phone with someone in minutes and they said send me an image of the invoice and we'll reimburse you. Sure enough within the hour ( or less ) I got an Email advising the check was printed and in the mail.

I'm pretty impressed with that for sure... and yea I called the Superstore and let them know that they faulted in not replacing that battery then and there. Would have saved me 6 hours for sure.
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Correct - the battery was under warranty -

I called the dealer and spoke to the 'dude' who checked me out, he said that there were lots of new people there and someone must have logged into the system using his name ( LOL !!! )... Anyway I lived to tell the tale ( I was surrounded by wolves and grizzlies and all manner of wildlife )... the dealer SHOULD have replaced it -

Thinking my next battery will be a YellowTop or BlueTop but I understand AC Delco makes a good battery as well... I'll check here first for advice.

Living in Phoenix where summer temps are 110+ batteries don't last long.
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