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I've read through a few lengthy posts here about using aluminum control arms. It sounds like the '04 Sti arms are the best choice. I happen to have this set of arms though Impreza Aluminum Control Arm Kit I tend to get a little confused as there are sometimes conflicting opinions in the posts.

I have swift springs on GR2's and did not intend on removing my spacers. If I use the stock Forester rear bushing are these a direct swap? Or will I have some issues with travel and angled rear bushing wear...?

I know our stock Forester arms have a slight curve/angle to the front bushing mounts which the Aluminum versions do not. From what I understand this puts a little stress on the rear bushings when using aluminum arms which can cause uneven wear.

Wondering if anyone has experience with using the SPT Impreza version of the arms without removing spacers...?

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