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So I have this odd problem thats occurred off and on since I have had the car.
17' XT
11,500 Miles
Second owner
Original Battery

The car sometimes has a "lowish" idle and there is a feeling, albeit extremely slight of it being rough. Sometimes its there and sometimes its night. The RPM's don't fluctuate but I feel it in my seat a little. Again, its not all the time but usually when the idle settles after the car is really warm. If the AC or heat is on and the idle rises it vanishes...until now. Maybe the colder weather but i'm not sure. What I haven't noticed up until now was when i was sitting at a stop light with the slightly rough idle i turned the dome light on to . look for something and and you can see the faint flicker in the lights. Not really noticeable in the day time but it was early in the morning and you can see it flickering a little. If I step on the gas and the idle rises, the flicker stops and everything is fine. If I put the car in park and idle rises the flickering stops. If I rev the engine, the flickering stops. I do not see a gain in brightness from any of the lights when I rev or the rpm rises. I do have aftermarket fog lights but this happens whether any of my lights are on or off.

I've never had this issue checked out because i'm sure my local dealer will blame it on my fog lights lol.

Any ideas guys? I'm hoping its just maybe a idle relearn (which I doubt a dealer would do) or maybe I should just replacing the battery.
Hoping its not the alternator or anything else serious.

Thanks for any input.


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Your comments about the engine feels like it is missing and that this happens when it is hot makes me think that it maybe high voltage leaking to ground. A cheap temperary solution maybe spraying the ignition wires with silicone or wd40 and see if there is any change. Check the coils mounted on the spark plugs to see if one feels different.It is possible a spark plug is cracked or failing.Higher temps may be to much for a failing battery. Check the fog light wiring you added and all connectors and wires in the areas you worked in. Electrical faults can take awhile to find. Post back when you have a solution. Cheers Doug
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