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Whilst the garage is sorting out the fuel line issue and other bits and pieces as all that stuff is off, we noticed that theres some cut wires going to a 'plug', you can see the wires (black and white) under the turbo/braided hose

Ive looked on partsouq to see if i can figure it out but it just says plug main gallery, so im thinking its maybe an oil pressure/temperature sensor?

The car runs fine but just wondering what the sensor(?) is for.

The car used to have digital gauges until one of the previous owners removed them, so im assuming its from one of them but what was it?

Anyone able to help?


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Looks like a temperature sensor for oil, that is one of the usual spots to install (the hottest point) above number 3 cylinder and is where it used to be on my Forester, and where it is on my Spec C.
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