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For anybody with a DBW throttle getting a code for idle air control performance. Check your Pcv valve and Pcv system and make sure it’s not leaking anywhere. This was a total headache for me and I couldn’t find any previous post with an answer. Make sure the hose that connects to the Pcv valve on the intake manifold is secure. Mine flew off on boost. If you don’t have it tight. It WILL fly off and you’ll have a big leak on your intake manifold.
The symptoms I was experiencing were that the car would rev uncontrollably when you would come to a stop or just when sitting at idle. After that the ecu would throw the iac performance Dtc and go into limp mode. You’ll know when you’re in limp mode... trust me. Your cruise light will also most likely flash. Hopefully this helps a few people. P.s. I don’t remember the exact code in numbers/ letter form. If I remember I’ll check and post it under.

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