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my04 forester xt 5 spd
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Hey Folks, I understand a tune can be lurking in the ecu long after a battery has died or been disconnected. I recently rescued and rejuvenated my FXT from a toyota recycle yard where the owner parked it and ignored it for about 6 years after he blew up a new motor. Supposedly he got it from some autoX enthusiasts and there are signs that could suggest a tune was not out of the realm of their enthusiasm.
Being a sub nub I chose a stock rebuild for the engine and soon discovered several key components missing: the ex. manifold, tmic assy and up pipe. A td04 was given to me but was not on it when it blew. There are pieces of hose on the a/c lines around the IC location and a big patch of velcro on top of the dash, left of the combo cluster. All this stirs my imagination. DMS coilovers and beefy Cobb sway bars underneath confirm the p.o's enthusiasm.
Wow. you folks are great. Simply by my writing y'all answered my question
It doesn't matter if there's an old one. Get a new one to replace it! Right!

#2 CARB compliance and upgrades? I've an '04 sti ecu and tmic assy from a neighbors attic and an 07 catless up from a coworker. Cheap so far. I do not need 80+ mph but getting up to 80 I'd like to do quickly at anytime. I hate the flat lining of the stock td04 and a local tuner suggested a vf39 should do the trick with a tune on the stock ecu all the while keeping Calif. Carb compliance. I've read thru all the how to STI and such and the manifesto and such in other forums have not found compliance to be much concern. Any suggestions and experience in achieving this would be much appreciated. Thanks
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