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Hi All,

I ordered the i-Pod interface in my wife's new 2010 Forester X. Quickly learned of the issues involving the fourth gen I-Pod Nano not charging. There's also a problem with the i-Pod detaching when I turn off the radio or switch to another mode (AM/FM, CD, etc).

In another thread someone suggested one of the charge adapter on the market so I ordered a Griffin Charge Converter PN 3031-WUSB. While it seems to have fixed the charging issue the i-Pod will still "Detach". Thinking it might be a loose connection between the harness, adapter, and i-Pod I added some rubber bands to keep everything tight. But that hasn't helped.

So my question is does anyone run this setup (4 Gen Nano w/ the adapter) and are they using the official fix cable sold by Subaru? Does this cable fix all issues?


PS Wife is very happy with her new Forester.
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