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Porsche Makes the Most Dependable Cars - MSN Autos

Well it is interesting read, and I have to agree. My group of friends is split evenely between Domestic/Jap's and to be honest we noticed that both are very dependable. Lately my friends Domestic cars actually proved to be more dependable than most of the Jap's cars (excluding Honda which is still consider most depandable). The only edge that Jap's seemed to have was the price, but ignoring it, my friends Domestic cars out last/drive almost all. And if you want big engine (a lot of my friends are contractors) we all agree that Domestic is the way to go. Most of our Silverado, F150's, are being driven into a ground going well over 200k mark with no or minimal issues. Keep in mind most of my friends beat the leaving S...T out of these cars, towing more than they should, loading them up with way more than they were made for, and :) racing the leaving .... out of them. Good read :) I am glad that domestic car makers finally get the credit they deserve ;)
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