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I did it. New Forester Base

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So, after a couple of posts here about Forester sports, I test drove a few and really loved them, however, I kept coming back to the fact that it was $5-7K more than a base and the base is really pretty darn nice as-is.
So I ended up with a base with the roof rack and aluminum wheels. Done. It's awesome. I can upgrade the audio later, but really, it's pretty sweet, especially considering the competition. ( and I have no idea what they're talking about when people say it's under-powered. Speed demon, no, but it's completely fine!)
Oh, and it started snowing a few hours after I bought it.


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preferred the base but

I actually would have gotten the Base instead of the Premium if it were not for the optional cross traffic alert on the Premium. I need it because of my neck and the ability to look back. Younger, the Base would have been 110% of what I needed. Even steel wheels would have been fine.

The new platform (rigid frame with great ride and handling as a direct benefit) is a HUGE plus. The list of standard features, especially LED headlights and 4wd, heated mirrors (!), rear view camera, emergency braking, tire pressure monitoring, traction control, stability control, abs, etc, etc. ... make it the most appealing in the segment. After my Honda CRV transmissions failed at 60k miles, out of warranty, I said ... never again Honda.
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