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I should have introduced myself sooner, since I've already gotten good advice and help here. Thanks to those folks who have been so free with their advice and feedback! This really does seem a more welcoming place than other corners of the internet.

I bought my 2015 2.5i Ltd new in May of '15 and just turned 70k miles yesterday. I'm gonna drive this beauty until it falls apart under me. This is my second Subaru. For years, I drove the daylights out of a '92 Legacy L wagon that I bought from a friend for $500. It was pretty much stock, but, hoo-boy did I have some adventures in that old thing. It was a fine automobile, but I love my Forester so much more.

I wasn't going to mod anything on the Forester, but then... well, I did. And I still am. Anytime I worry about how much money I'm spending, I go have fun driving around someplace beautiful, and my worries about cost just float away. Glad to be here, thanks for having me!


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Welcome aboard! Glad that you decided to join us and post. This forum has some very knowledgeable folks that can help you out. If we can be any help to you don't hesitate in asking!
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