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How to setup iPhone, how to get texts?

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I just finished my first week with my 2018 Subaru Forester Touring. I am hoping that it will be a good car. It has been fun so far. I have a few questions. Can anyone help me with the following:

1. How to get iPhone contacts and speed dials to load. Granted that I have thousands of contacts on my phone. The Forester says it is done synching, but nothing shows up for contacts or speed dials. Anyone know the solution for this? Also, is there any way to add speed dials manually?

2. How to get texts. I keep going round and round with the prompts on the Forester control panel.
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The best I can tell is an iphone won't up load contacts automatically. You have to enter each on manually. Real PIA.

Subaru seemed to go with low bid on everything on the inside of the car.
It is better not to upload contact for securuty reasons. Just use Siri Eyes Free.
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Not sure I follow? Names and numbers in my contacts can be found searching with google.

I want the contacts uploaded so they will display the name of a incoming call more than anything.
Go to HOME then PHONE and pair with Bluetooth then will ask you for transfer of contacts. In phone upper left is gear-symbol for additional settings

You do need to load Subaru app on phone as well
In my 2018 Forester XT Limited (Canada), I just paired my iPhone with the stereo, told the stereo to use my phone as a phone and also as a media source (I think, I'm not in the car now) and everything else just happens automatically. Contacts are transferred (I have a few hundred) and contacts marked as "favourites" on the iPhone are displayed in the speed-dial menu on the stereo. You can also scroll through the contacts in the stereo and mark each one as a speed dial or not a speed dial.

It does take some time for music playlists and other phone info to load over Bluetooth, so when you have a black screen, it just may be taking some time for the stereo to process it all.

For the text messages, press the envelope icon on the stereo and do the setup in there. Again, I'm not in the car right now but it's not hard to find. If the car is stopped, the incoming text message will display on the screen, but if the car is moving, the screen will display a safety message instead and the incoming text message will be read out to you over the audio system. You can also dictate outgoing text-message replies, but you have to have Siri enabled for this to work and I turn all my Siri off so I have never explored this functionality. Importantly, to get the incoming text messages to work, you have to go into the iPhone Bluetooth settings and enable "show notifications." There are some other things in there you will want to enable as well, but you won't get the incoming text messages unless you have the notifications enabled. I think without the notifications enabled on the phone, you will get that "round and round" problem.

I never got the incoming email working on the car, and didn't pursue it.

This is with the 7" screen stereo that comes with the car. The navigation system is quite poor and I want to change the stereo one day, to one with a decent navigation system. In my previous car I used to clip my iPhone to the dashboard and use the phone for everything, but started using the built-in navigation with this car. But the car thinks I'm about 100 m behind where I actually am, so if it tells me to turn left in 100 m, I'm already turning left.

You do not have to have any Subaru apps on your phone for any of this to work. I am using an iPhone 6.
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@Botnik Never was able to get my contacts to load correctly even when the message said they were loaded. After reading your post I went out and deleted my phone from the car and deleted it from bluetooth. I then turned the car and my phone off and then turned everything back on and paired the phone again. Contacts loaded and everything seems to be working fine. I am using a iphone 7 on my 2018 Forester.

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