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2009 Forester 2.5XT
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Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum and I am a MY09 Forester owner.
I bought my 2.5XT in Aug '08 and I really enjoy driving my Forester.

Recently I noticed a rattle noise coming from the B pillar(upper part), and I found a possible solution (TSB 12-114-09-my09-10-noise-b-c-pillar-trim) on this forum.
(This forum is really full of Forester-related knowledge!!)
I believe it should be the solution of my noise and I am thinking about solving it by myself. But it seems like it's more complicated to remove B pillar trim since I have to remove the seat-belt first.
Is there any reference information I can find to learn how to remove the B pillar trim?:confused:
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