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2005 Forester 2.5 X
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Hi there,
I have a used 2005 Subaru Forester 2.5 X. It didn't come with the keyless entry remote/fob/transmitter. I find it really inconvenient without a remote. So I decide to get one, which is not difficult to find online. The instruction for programming the remote seems to be easy to follow. "Disarm the security system using the remote. Sit in driver's seat and unlock all doors. Open and close the driver's door. Turn the ignition key from LOCK to ON position 10 times within 15 seconds. Be sure to stop at both lock and on. The horn will HONK once to indicate transmitter programming mode is activated. Leave key in LOCK position and don't remove it from ignition."
The problem is that since I don't have the remote, I cannot get the first step done. I turned the ignition key from LOCK to ON position 10 times within 15 seconds but the horn doesn't sound.
The security indicator light flashes twice per second (NOT once per two seconds) when the car is not turned on.
My question is
1. Is the security system in the valet mode or passive mode?
2. What should I do to program the transmitter?

Some info that I find on the manual that might be helpful
Valet Mode
When you choose the valet mode, the security system does not operate. In valet mode, the remote transmitter is used only for locking and unlocking the doors and rear gate and panic activation.
To enter the valet mode, open the driver's door and keep the unlock button on the transmitter depressed for more than two seconds. The security system status indicator light will continue to flash twice per second indicating that the system is in the valet mode.
To exit valet mode, open the driver's door and keep the unlock button on the transmitter pressed for more than two seconds. The indicator will stop flashing.

Passive arming
When passive arming mode has been programmed by the dealer, arming of the system is automatically accomplished without using the remote transmitter. Note that in this mode, DOORS MUST BE MANUALLY LOCKED.
To enter the passive mode: Since programming the passive arming mode is a complicated procedure, have it done by your nearest subaru dealer.
In passive mode, the system will automatically activate the alarm but WILL NOT automatically lock the doors.

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First welcome, hope we can help you out.

Couldn't remember if this is the same sequence so I posted it here.
And does your remote look like this one in the link?

Subaru Keyless Entry, Security Alarm, Immobilizer Key, Remote Start Systems. Most years and models

There is a comment about deleting/overiding old transmitter codes by reprogramming it 4 times. Maybe that is what you need to do.

Here's some other threads that may help

Keep us posted as to how things work out.
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