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How to install a rear window dashcam through the tailgate

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Run the wire from the front facing cam along/through the roof liner. Easy.
When you get to the tailgate however youll need to run this wire as shown for a clean, non binding install.
Pop off the plastic trim piece. Dont be afraid, just pull it. It pops right off and nothing will break.

Use a coat hanger to help snake it through.

Pull that snap down for more room. Again, dont be afraid, it just pops on and off so pull it down and it will release.

Putting it back together now.

Clean, factory job.
I use a Street Guardian X2 Pro with rear camera and it works great btw.

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Thanks for the info about how to mount to the rear window. Helped out a lot.

Had the Rexing v1 gen 3 in the front for a while (kinda forgot it was there) then decided to move it to the rear when I bought the Vantrue N2 Pro. It records the front of the car and in the cabin. Vantrue is hard wired with parking mode on and the rexing is on the rear window and only on when the car is on.


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