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How to identify OEM axle in 2015 Forester 2.5i - color?

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Am dealing with the idle vibration issue with CVT transmission in D and foot on brake pedal when I come to a stop. My research shows a lot of comments about how looseness in the CV joints in aftermarket axles can cause this vibration. Most also say that in all Subaru OEM axles, the cup which is located between the rubber boot and the transmission should be green in color, and if it's not, it's an aftermarket axle. I opened my hood and looked down at mine, and it's black, not green. Is it possible that Subaru changed the color of it in the 2015 models? Just asking if anyone here still with OEM axles on their 2015 or later Forester could take a quick look and post what color yours is? Just want to know what I'm dealing with. Thanks.
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