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How to attach ARB awning 2000?

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I'm planning to get the ARB awning 2000 with the Room/Floor attachment, and the Awning bracket. I currently have the Thule Aerobar extended crossbars. I guess my question is, how do you guys attach it to the roof? Im looking for clamps maybe that can attach to the flat bars. Drilling to it is out of the question since the bars are hollow and i dont think it will be secure enough.
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I attach my awnings to the roof rack bars with L brackets that attach underneath the bar. Something like this perhaps:
By any chance do you have any close up pics of your setup?
Don't have an awning on the Foz ATM but I just took a pic of the bracketing on the ute; the principle is the same. Also I just recalled that I used Thule steel square bars on the Foz, they are stronger than the Aero and are slotted underneath.

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I'm not sure that is an easy mount directly to the crossbar. It would be much better to mount this to a basket or some other rooftop accessory. I just installed this ARB 2000x2500 on a 19 Sport.

I have a Yakima Megawarrior basket mounted to the OEM Thule crossbars. I bought the LP Advnture mounting kit. It was a breeze to install and super solid, even off-road.

You can check it out on my modz page. ('19+) - My 2019 Subaru Forester Sport - Let the...
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