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How to add second head unit/device? - to add additional power

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Hi guys,

I have a Eonon double din head unit installed in my 08 forester and want to add an additional single din unit, for the additional power will I need a T harness adaptor like this to power the 2nd unit? Does this plug straight into the ISO cable and just provide additional power?

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You can definitely add an extra auxiliary head unit if you are so inclined. However it is doubtful that you will find a plug and play harness to do the job. Your only viable option is likely to be splicing into the power for the existing unit and adding an inline fuse. You can probably find a harness to split the audio signal, whether it be RCA inputs or High Level (speaker inputs), but the power and ground you will have to do your self. The other question becomes where to mount this extra unit, and how to do so? Are you handy with fiberglass? You will probably need to get creative.

I recently installed an entire system over and around the factory Sync 3 system in my F150. What you are trying to do can definitely be done. Here are a few pics of the magic I was able to work.


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