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Thanks! I hadn't checked: I didn't realize I could get an OEM timing belt on Ebay. I see you can also get parts bundles for timing belt replacement, tho those seem to have aftermarket belts.

The thing that varies the most in the parts bundles seems to be the idler pulleys. Do people here recommend changing those too? One kit I saw just had one of them, claiming that one was most likely to fail...
I bought mine from these folks its a suby dealer selling parts ... oem belt and tensioner -- all came ups from a dealer return address in a lovely little subaru box :)

mine rolled ok and honestly was out of cash at the time -- it was a new to me used car so I did everything that was serviceable I could because I just didn't know

water pump
tbelt and tensioner
assess belts - gatorbacks ,I have always had good luck with them
front and rear diff fluid ( mmmm swepco 201 .... i love me some swepco )
coolant/ conditioner
brakes frnt and rear
air filter
oil change with filter

only thing I haven't done is the trans fluid and filter change - that's on the calender for next weekend :biggrin:
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