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How much to pay for timing belt? Parts cost?

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About how much should I expect to pay for timing belt & tensioner replacement on my SG Forester?

How about for timing belt, tensioners, waterpump, thermostat, accessory belt?

I got a quote for maybe $750 for timing belt from local dealer. My local garage quoted me $1090 for timing belt, tensioners, water pump, thermostat & acessory belt.

I just read an online review of that same dealer where a guy complained about that same timing belt quote for his Outback, and said he got it done elsewhere for $390! I wonder where? Anyway it makes me wonder if those quotes I got may be on the high side...

While I'm posting, anyone know the parts cost? Subaru timing belt, etc?

For the timing belt I'd want the Subaru belt, not aftermarket. Any recommendations on where to buy Subaru parts online?
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Thanks! I hadn't checked: I didn't realize I could get an OEM timing belt on Ebay. I see you can also get parts bundles for timing belt replacement, tho those seem to have aftermarket belts.

The thing that varies the most in the parts bundles seems to be the idler pulleys. Do people here recommend changing those too? One kit I saw just had one of them, claiming that one was most likely to fail...
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