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2001 forester
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Dont know if this has ever been done, but i was just wondering what kind of Hp numbers you guys/gals are running? Lets do it like the 1/4 Mile Registry, but with your dyno sheet an mod list with a pic of the car? I'll go first as an example. i'v never dyno'ed before... but i do have a nice mod list.

2001 forester 2.5 N/A

GroupA lightweight crank, power steering and alt. pulleys
GroupA throttle body spacer
Borla SS headers
Vibrant exhaust
DIY cold air intake with air ram and heatsheild
lightened flywheel
DIY grounding kit

2001 SOLD!
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Oh boy!!! Where to start!!!

-Borla header.
-Custom cat-back 2¼"dia. SS304 tubing welded to a Magnaflow.
-Lightened flywheel by moi. (Stock 29lbs. Down to 20 lbs):cool:
-Exedy Stage I clutch.
-Knife edged on the intake side.
-Match ported the intake manifold to the heads.

In the works:
-Aluminum crank, powersteering, alternator and A/C compressor pulleys!!!:lildevil: made by me with my machines!!!
-Bored and knife edged intake manifold.
-Throttle body spacer.

2005 Legacy GT
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My 99' L had:

-Injen CAI
-Borla replica header
-Stromung highflow cat
-Stromung catback
-Optima red top battery
-Paranoid fabrications 2.5 grounding kit

Then I had a set of delta cams and a perrin crank pulley to go on (and was gonna get a PP6 for tuning), but instead pulled the mods off, sold the car, and got one with a turbo.

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