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how lift before it effects stock driveline

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Ok im looking at doing king springs and 1" spacer lift total approx 2"

My question is is that a lift senerio that warrants / needs to install drivelive spacers like in frogstars massive lift post

... Frogstar ... Smash ... Or anyone really
What do yall think?
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Anything up to 2" is fine.
After that you get out of the operating range of the CV's.
so if its my DD and I add the kings that are just a touch under 1" lift (25 mm ) and the subtle spacers 1" -- is that amount of lift with DD type usage , is it going to cause parts to wear faster .. like CV 's , etc ?
About 2" should be fine for the CV's. Anymore than that and you would have to drop the diffs/trans (by doing a body lift). You could probably get away with a little more than that, but they won't be able to handle the same amount of torque. The greater the CV angle, the less torque they can take.
so at 2" is the torque from winter snowy day driving and maybe a little snowy parking lot fun ..or summer some what spirited driving gonna destroy the cv's ?
1 - 3 of 23 Posts