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how lift before it effects stock driveline

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Ok im looking at doing king springs and 1" spacer lift total approx 2"

My question is is that a lift senerio that warrants / needs to install drivelive spacers like in frogstars massive lift post

... Frogstar ... Smash ... Or anyone really
What do yall think?
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+1!I'm about to start construction of 2" spacers (homemade). Probably need to lower the brake line mounts. Didn't even think about driveline spacers.
Offset? Explain what you mean and I might.
Okay, 7mm in at the top for the fronts. Did you make any adjustments for castor? Did you offset the rears or just use camber bolts. Where to buy camber bolts, Ebay? Got any pics of those spacers for the rear installed? Thank you for all your knowledge.
Lakeland. Where do you recommend an alignment? I've read subbies are not easy to align, due to all the adjustablity.
At least on the fronts, they are symetrical. Jost pop your hood and look which way is forward. The rears are not. I bought and old set of tophats from someone on here so I could do all the fab work without having the car apart. They're marked which corner they go in. Not sure about orientation of rears yet. Don't forget about trailing arm spacers too.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts