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how lift before it effects stock driveline

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Ok im looking at doing king springs and 1" spacer lift total approx 2"

My question is is that a lift senerio that warrants / needs to install drivelive spacers like in frogstars massive lift post

... Frogstar ... Smash ... Or anyone really
What do yall think?
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Anything up to 2" is fine.
After that you get out of the operating range of the CV's.
+1!I'm about to start construction of 2" spacers (homemade). Probably need to lower the brake line mounts. Didn't even think about driveline spacers.
You know about the offset right?
Look at the upper bolts and the lower holes the struts bolted to.

They are offset from each other.
Struts are pulled (to the negative) in to keep the camber near correct.
If they were straight above you'd end up with way positive camber.
(I went 6mm but would go 7mm if I was doing it again)
You will still need to put camber bolts in the back to get it aligned.

I would make some spacers for the front mount of the rear trailing arms.

This keeps it from binding and centers the rear wheels in the wheel wells.
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2" is fine,don't sweat it just do it!
Okay, 7mm in at the top for the fronts. Did you make any adjustments for castor? Did you offset the rears or just use camber bolts. Where to buy camber bolts, Ebay? Got any pics of those spacers for the rear installed? Thank you for all your knowledge.
Offset on all 4 corners and you'll still need camber bolts in rear to align it.
Didn't make any change to castor.

Only pic of all 4,not installed.

Only drawing I've got,I really just kinda made it on the fly.

Any shop that does alignments should have camber bolts for the rear.

Where in Florida you at?
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Any competent shop should have no problem,had mine done at a tires plus.
Do you have to do the trailing arm spacers? I've read elsewhere that 2" is the absolute max height w/ strut spacers you can go w/o modifying anything else.

So if they are marked, wouldn't that tell us the orientation?
The front top hats can bolt in any way (stock) but the spacer has to have orientation or you'll mess up castor setting.
(I eyeballed everything)
I didn't do the trailing arm blocks at first and it rode fine but the rear tires were way forward in the wheel arch and when I took apart to do wheel bearings a noticed binding so I made a set of blocks for the trailing arms.
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