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how do i clean the light coloured trim in my future forester

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greetings my forester friends here was a question
how i clean the seats in my forester in case they are light color cloth seats in say the GX model forester or in the limited model forester how i go about cleaning the seats in my 1st forester as thiswas my 1st car what are any good tips i can have on seats being cleaned say for the 1st time in years say im going to clean the seats myself as thiswas my first ever forester and im going to clean the seats really good and really thouroughly really good say im doing a full day in this in future in case the car needs a really good clean on the seats say the fronts and back seats and im going to really need some good cleaning tip for the 1st timer on cleaning the seats in a forester thiswas my future car interior i will send to you to help on this in future im getting these pics as a example of the car im getting in future thiswas the pics of the cars seats im getting in
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Probably best to wait until you actually have the car before asking questions because it might have cloth or leather seats ;)
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thanks for that message mate
It really depends on how dirty they are and what kind of stains. There are various degrees of aggressive cleaning and targeted spot cleaning. You don't want to over-clean any more than you want to under-clean. I can assure you that there is ample cleaning/detail expertise on this board.
chill bruv. the future is not here yet!
Cheap seat covers can save them if applied pre-staining event.
Seek a black cloth or leather interior if you have not bought a Forester yet. Light colored cloth interiors always look disgusting when they are old and dirty, and cleaning old stained seats usually ends up providing you with a cleaner but blotchy interior. Cleaners will also wash out some of the anti-stain treatments (used to be Scotchbrite/PFAS) in the original cloth so they will be more prone to staining in the future.

"Active" vehicle brands like Jeeps and Ford Explorers have also historically come with uncleanable light colored interiors which look good in the showroom, but are best bought by white carpet and furniture people with no kids or pets and who don't actually use their vehicles outdoors.
Punctuation is your friend and helps us to understand what you write...please make a bit of an effort.
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thank for letting me know
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