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Horrible knocking noise when warm - 2011 2.5

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2011 forester 2.5x - 100k miles -when hot I have a pretty horrible knocking noise / rattle right at about 2500rpm. It has a slight knock at idle but it's pretty aggressive at throttle. Are these cars known to need timing chains replaced around this time? It sounds like both tensioner gave out. Surprisingly no cold start chain rattle however. No check engine codes, I have a video but I'm not sure I can upload it mobile

I see lots of info on the injectors, and he TSB for cold start rattle but this appears to be slightly worse than that
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the early f25 engines are known to have timing chain tensioner problems caused by the tensioner leaking oil ,..... they are oil pressure driven, and that is what it probably going on here , the tensioner is leaking at not holding enough pressure to remain properly tensioned ........... it may be under recall
I went to the dealer and unfortunately no recall/warranty.

Is there a go-to online retailer for parts that I could find a timing chain kit? When I search I only find them on eBay
Bump. Any other reasons this could be something different?
it can be other things,................ piston rod knock or cam shaft movement due to bad end cap or cam bearing, rod or main bearing, loose flywheel knock, bad torque converter vanes ,....... chain tensioner or chain itself,
on any boxer engine , it can also be loose heads moving back and forth along the bolts, usually see lots of water.oil loss there, but not always -------------- get a a hands on examination to see before spending money
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