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New to the forum and just thought I'd say hi.
I am the proud owner of a 2010 2.5x premium awp/ 5mt. Steel silver.
Love the car. Just want to know from some of you veterans, what Subaru web site you all recommend for purchasing oem accessories. Thanks. :Banane17:

And thank you for such a great site. It's a really great resource.

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Welcome, glad you found us.

We hope you'll support our Vendors who are on this site. The two that have been here the longest are Jackie at Annapolis Subaru and Grayson Subaru, they can be found in the Supporting Vendor section of the forum. Newcomer to the Vendors here is I'd have to say that the deals there are not really what I was expecting:icon_sad:price wise. Annapolis and Grayson offer additional discounts to our members on some already great priced parts and accessories, you just have to remember to tell them. Shipping appears to be no problem for any of them so give them a try.

You might also want to fill out some of your information on your Profile especially location, that way we can help you with recommendations in your area if you should need them. Also you can add your vehicle info to your Signature, that way it'll show up every time you post making model specific responses easier. You can do all this by using the pull-down menu in Quick Links and edit profile and Signature then you're good to go.

Enjoy the Forester and the forum.

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! :cool:

As to where I get my Subaru parts & accessories? I usually get them from Jackie (SubaruPartsGirl), a supporting vendor here on the forum. Her direct number at Annapolis Subaru is (866) 509-3019. :wink:


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