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Hi all! My name is Micah Trostle and I'm a "relatively" new fozzy owner. I grew up in Papua New Guinea as a missionary kid, and there were several people on our missions base that had them. My seniour year in high school (almost two years ago), I got to borrow a friend's Cross Sport 2006 and take it to our equivalent of Prom. I enjoyed that thing so much, I saved up and bought a 2001 Forester here when I moved back recently. I absolutely love it (while it can be a pain sometimes), and I have enjoyed starting the process of turning it into the ultimate rally/off-road beast. I'm not sure how to upload pictures, but I will soon figure out how!

Can't wait to learn more from all of you guys!

Micah Trostle
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Actually here is a link to the pictures of the before and after I what I've been able to do so far!
G'day & Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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