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Unfortunately, my grandparents were recently told by their doctor that they should no longer be driving so they were nice enough to give me their '03 X.
It's in pretty good shape and only has about 45k on it.
I was waxing it today and noticed that the gray (it is cayenne red on top and gray on bottom) cladding at the bottom of the driver side door was a bit loose and bulging out about 1/3 of an inch. It looks like something may have hit it and while there is no visible damage to the exterior, a few of the plastic clips in the middle that hold it to the door have broken, causing the looseness and the slight bowing. I searched for a while on google but can't find anything, of course I may be using the wrong part name when searching. Does anyone know specifically what this part is called or where it can be purchased?

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! Post up a picture so we can look it over. :wink:

You're in luck if you have a '03 X Forester. The lower panels are not painted like the '03 XS, so they come as you need them from the factory! listed below are the part numbers I got from Jackie, SubaruPartsGirl, a supporting member here on the forum. Her direct number at Annapolis Subaru is (866) 509-3019. Don't quote me on the part numbers or the prices. You should verify everything before you purchase anything! :smile:

BTW, I found Mother's Back-to-Black will make the panels & bumpers look like new! :cool:


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