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Hi Everyone

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Hi All

Long time Scoobie owner and was a motor mechanic in my past life. I've been an avid fan of the Subaru for a long time, worked on many of the older models and they've proven to be a reliable car when maintained correctly, hence my love for the brand.

I'm an outdoors type of person, I like my fishing and mountain biking which has brought me here in search of my next project to build up a Forester for off-roading. I'm looking at retiring my old Hilux that's served it's purpose for many years and was a ground up rebuid. My main use for the Forester will be for sand driving and I've already been reading up on the modifications in the off-road section here, so at this stage I haven't found the exact car yet but I know I want an older turbo version in the Forester as there will be quite a bit of money to spent on tyres, suspension lifting and front bar.

Looking forwards to sharing knowledge and interacting with everyone,



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Welcome to the forums from Minot, ND
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