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Hi Everybody!

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New member here. Waiting on delivery of an 'In Transit' 2019 Dark Gray w/Saddle Interior. I hope to have it this month.

I'm coming from a 2006 Honda CR-V and a 1997 CR-V before that. As you can see I've been loyal to Honda but the new Forester simply won me over from a comfort, quality and size standpoint. I also like the fact that it comes with genuine 'name' (Harmon Kardon) sound system and heated steering wheel (sometimes its the little things). The driver focus system, Eyesight, infotainment, interior visibility, interior quality trim and and cargo capacity were also winners for me. The Saddle interior looks amazing. Honda's recent issues with gas in the oil crankcase and their lack of serious resolution also turned me off.

By reading this forum I know I got a better deal than I would've otherwise...perhaps not as great as some, but I'm okay with the $2700 off MSRP I got. Some dealers in my area would not budge from MSRP. Insane.

I plan on calling Luke Corcione for a 10 yrs warranty once I actually take delivery of the vehicle. My dealer's price is way higher than the prices being discussed here from Luke.

Thanks for a great forum.
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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Welcome from Missouri. Let see some pictures when it arrives.
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