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2000 Forester
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I am the proud owner of my first Subaru (Forester, natch)...and I'm so pscyhed.
I've been dying to get one...and now I have it!
It's a Forest Green (what else?) 2000 S model in beautiful, clean, practically showroom floor condition with all the original parts, accessories, manuals - everything.
One owner, no accidents, no rust... obviously loved and well-maintained!
Only 110k mileage... AND I got it for under 3K! I found a used car dealer who buys at auctions and was lucky enough to walk in 10 minutes after he had just put it out on his lot!
He even let me take it to my mechanic, who found the two front axle grease wells were busted, a leak in differential seal and faulty oxygen sensor...and the dealer had them all repaired at no additional cost.
I plan to get in touch with the original owner ASAP regarding whether they changed the timing belt, but other than that...

I'm now an official SABARU-RU-RUBBEROID! :woohoo:
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