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2009 Forester X
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First, an introduction... Just bought a 2009 Forester X a couple days ago and loving it so far. While I'm sure I'll have plenty of technical convos (I'm an engineer, so sue me), my first priority is protecting the cargo area from the puppies.

Two questions...

1. Does anyone have any experience with the Hexomat cargo liner (or the floor mats I guess)? I was thinking about getting a mat for the cargo area and the back of the rear seats from Auto Upgrade Direct (can't post a link since I don't have enough posts).

2. Has anyone else had a problem with the gap in between the base of the rear seats and the cargo area with the rear seats down? The dog has already stepped in this crack multiple times and popped the carpet grommets out. Was curious if there was an easy fix for this.

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