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Hesitation in acceleration, Ignition coil failed?

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Good day to all, I have a problem with the newly purchased XT, I apologize for the language but I write from Italy is my English is not very good

I bought my XT 06 forester a week ago, the car ended immediately with acceleration hesitations, I found the anomalies and I fixed them but the problem persists.

Machine: Subaru Forester XT 2.5 06 'manual transmission with LPG Prins VSI 2.0 system

Symptoms: In acceleration between 2000 RPM and 3500RPM has hesitations. These hesitations (the motor is not regular) occur when the engine is warm
if I keep the engine at a constant speed (between 2000 and 3000) it fluctuates, it is not regular.

Other: -I have connected an OBD2 Wifi with Torque pro (android), but there are no errors in the ecu.
- After taking the car I drove the car for 700km only on petrol.
- the car keeps the minimum at 720 RPM constant, 3/4 times (in 700km) it is about to shut down but the ECM has accelerated and then returned to 720RPM.
-Just turned on from cold (t out = 10-17 C °) the minimum salt is 1250 RPM and then drops (I think it's normal)
-The car in driving at low revs (below 2000) performs well, in the journey home-work I do not encounter problems, if I do some stretches with sporty driving with high rpm engine is fine.

Work performed: - I found the Knock sensor from the engine block (without screw) but connected to the control unit. I reassembled it being prescribed in the manual (24Nm torque rotated 60 °)
-The mechanic replaced the spark, the old ones seem very corroded, but not how many km they had.
-I replaced the air filter with a RAMAIR sponge (original airbox) because the OEM was very dirty.

The mechanic advised me to change the Ignitio Coil, because according to him they are not mechanical problems but of spark, electricity. It seems to me that there is some sensor that does not work properly.
because at minimum it turns constant, and at best it is fine but in the transposition it seems there is no exact air / fuel ratio.
I can connect to the OBD and read the sensors via smartphone, but not so interpret them.

What do you think it could be?

I put a picture of the replaced candles


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