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Help with offset/tires size

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Alright, well I think I've found the rims I want, but I now need help figuring out what offset will work with my suspension.

I have an SF sitting on JDM V7 struts & Swift springs. I have no probelm rolling my fenders but I do not want the wheels/tires to rub on my struts as I don't know if I will ever want coilovers or not.

The wheels I want are Wedssport SA 70

I want an 18x8 wheel... what offset will I need?

I've found a set I could pick up that are +50.
Can these work with a wheel spacer & rolled fenders?

What size of tire would need to work with these?
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This is how low I am... Not too low but the 17's are gonna look too small when I put on my lip kit. So I need 18's but I like the comfort of the Swift springs.
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