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14 Forester XT Premium CVT
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Currently I am in the market for a MY14 Forester XT Premium/Touring.
Moving from NZ to ACT I have missed my 96 GTB and 01 STI very much. Given that the youth is behind me and I now have a family, Forester or the Liberty was the logical option. I was keen on both options but Forester for its own credit has won me at the end.

My plans for the car are ECU tune, turbo back exhaust, suspension upgrade and some wider 234/245 tires.

The car will be our second family car, where we would use it primarily for work, trips to the coast and snow. It is unlikely to see any off road action.

ECU upgrade
From my research the FA20DIT come to the country detuned, given that the JDM Legacy that is running the same engine comes with a 221KW/300HP setup I plan to have the Foresters ECU re-mapped via ChipTorque or MRT EcuTek.

I have spoken to MRT who has directed me to Mike at TECHWORKZ who said the XA package would cost appr. $1500. I am not sure if this is a new ECU, a piggy back or a re-map.

I love the rumble the Subaru engine make and I can imagine that engine note rushing pass me when I take the new ride through the back roads of Cotter Dam or to the coast. I understand due to the new exhaust manifold even length extractors I am not going to get all that I love and remember but I hope you out there can advise me or an exhaust system or headers setup that would let me achieve it.

I am not looking at anything over the top. My initial plan for to lower the car by 30-40mm and add some sway and strut bars along with upgraded polyurethane bushes to strengthen the chassis.

I would like to run some 245 on this. I have researched and the Subaru comes in a +48 +53 or +55 offsets. I am not sure what the MY14 offset is going to be. From few of you out there I have gathered that 245/50/18 is an option, so I might go on that path if I meet ACT laws and the car has enough clearance after lowering.

For now this is the plan for my project and I am happy to hear your comments and thoughts.
Once I get started I will post more pictures.

Till then,

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G'Day & Welcome ACTForester! I can't help you much as I'm into offroading and with a different model, but I'm sure there are those here who can help!
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