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Hello, I have always wanted to customize cars bu life always got in the way. Now i am ready and i have a 2013 Forester to work on but i need a little advice on where to start.

in addition to my first project car this is my daily driving car. I want to upgrade its performance on the street and make it handle better so it is a more enjyable drive everyday stuff and when i go on road trips as well as make it more appealing to the eye. But it has been an extremely useful car in bad weather and off road and i don't want its usefulness.

Is this possible? Where do I start? is it possible to improve both? What kind of tiers are ideal for this kind of build?

I want to start with some basic exterior and interior mods before making big changes like replacing to the exhaust or inner cooler or adding headers what are some relatively easy mods to start with?

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