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I did a little searching on here and didn't find anything specifically related to my question. However if i missed something I apologize. Please just link me to the appropriate information....

Last year i bought my first Forester; a 2012 X that came with raised side rails.

I'm getting more into outdoor activities and want to put a cross rail system on it but i'm absurdly confused by all the different types and havent yet found a good source of information to help me sift through everything.

I understand the first step is crossbars. However between the different brands (Subaru OEM, Thule, Yakima, Rhino, Whispbar, and the no-names) and the different styles (Aero, Round, Square) i'm having a brutally hard time figuring out where to start. Additionally i'm trying to figure out which is the most versatile to allow mounting of other accessories that may not necessarily be from the same manufacturer.

Ideally i'll be using it for ski/snowboard carrier and eventually a cargo box. I dont anticipate needing anything extremely heavy duty or able to bear a lot of weight. Basically having the ability to toss a couple duffel bags and a pair or two of skis in the cargo box is more than enough.

I'm somebody that can generally do my own research and come to a conclusion on my own relatively easily and i'm getting so frustrated by this topic. I'd be incredible grateful for any help you could give me.


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Welcome to the forums! :thumbsup:

I suggest getting aero or round bar cross bars, this is purely for noise and gas mileage. I currently use Malone's square tube bars, but have wrapped the open spots not covered by my cargo pod with foam tubes from my LHS held down by zip ties. Doing this severely cut down on wind noise.

The cross bars/pod are only on when I need to use them. The aero bars will sit closer to the roof line and will be quieter when driving. AND more importantly look nicer. :grin2:

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