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Help, want coilovers witch ones!

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Ok, im into suspension now, i have limited options, some are kind of expensive some are not.

My first choice was: TEIN Super FLEX Wagon Coilover, but the problem is nobody imports in my country this model of Tein (GSS50-R1SS3).
I still want to buy it from US but i couldn't find a good deal and shipping using UPS(cheaper shipment, i try ed with 2 people and both wanted FedEx or dhl and the price goes ski high). So if it is any vendor around here that can make me a good deal and we can collaborate ok i will buy it from them.

Second choices are: XYZ Super Sport (XYZ Auto Parts) i dont know much about them and couldn't find much about them either, still some people from here use them and said that are ok.

Well don't know much either about k-sport suspensions, their brakes are ok not bad, i think they bought D2 corporation(the ones that made brakes and suspension also, or not)

Or BC Racing Coilovers, BR Series Subaru Forester 02+(BR Series Coilover : Type RS) (from UK)

I don't know much about these also, i just so some people use them and are happy with them.


So any help it will be appreciated, i read the thread about suspension but i still have doubts.
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I'd say your best choices from that list are the Tein, BC Racing, and D2's.
For the Teins, check with Nengun Performance... they may be able to ship to you for a reasonable price using UPS.

The D2's used to be great pieces, originally made in Germany.
K-Sport is alright, but have suffered some more serious quality issues in their earlier versions.
BC Racing is a great unit for the price.
Tein's are also top notch, but suffer from stiff spring rates. Those are easily adjusted with a call to Tein customer service, or a friendly email for some different spring rates.
I've never even heard of XYZ :eek:
well i saw that Nengun performance has a lot of stuff i would like and good prices, but shippment is about 520$ with fedx or EMS witch is 685$ with paypal adds oh and it will still be a problem, with custom aham! i would need understanding...i will see..
tein or bcs, forget the ksports! good luck on finding cheap shipping alternatives...
Well, so far nothing :)... xyz-Bad, K-sport-Bad,Bc`s- Not so good(saw something about leaks),Tein super flex wagon(only on special order in July available for Eu). What else can i get?
BC's aren't bad, they just aren't quite on par with some of the high-quality brands like Ohlins or Eibach.

I also heard that the leaking wasn't common, and was limited to the earlier versions.
Being in Europe, you may have access to units that we stateside dont have access to. You may want to look at the usual suspects (eibach, KW, AST, bilstien, etc) over the cheap asian junk being pushed around for cheap found on most of the cars these days.

I'd rather have impreza based coilovers that are of good quality (even if too low), then to skimp and get BC's or megan's.
i have found 2 different versions of BC`s anyone knows what it is with them? I mean the price difference is it worth or not.

Subaru FORESTER BC Racing Coilovers - RM Series F-12-RM-MH Only 835.95
Subaru FORESTER BC Racing Coilovers - BR Series F-12-BR-RA Only 631.61

This BC Racing kit has inverted dampers and camber pillowball top mounts on the front, inverted damper and pillow ball top mount on the rear.
This BC Racing kit has pillow ball top mounts on the front, and either rubber, or no top mounts on the rear
^the RM's are the inverted strut design while the BR's are the standard strut design.
Other than that they're essentially the same.

There is also an ER model which has an inverted design with an external reservoir. They retail for about 1800 USD compared to the BR's at around 1000 USD and the RM's at roughly 1300 USD
Endura-tech. Best bang-for-the buck. Period.
@BAC5.2: maybe, but i didnt find endura-tech in EU. As for (eibach, KW, AST, bilstien) well it seems they dont make for forester just for impreza and the rest of subaru cars :).. will try to get Tein super flex wagon from US with help from an US friend :)...
Contact Endura-tech USA. They'll ship internationally without a problem. You won't be sorry.
i wonder if Subaru Forester Tein Super Street DSS50-91SS3 for Chassis Type: SG5 will fit to SG9 anyone knows something? I can get these at a good price.
They will, but Tein is of questionable quality in my mind.
Are you looking for Forester specific or Impreza?
How about D2 Racing ? I know they have sold loads in the Nordic countries and are very popular here. They have a new generation of coilovers which are supposed to be more rigid in the construction and also a bit more quiet. They also have a Forester specific set!

Looking at their website, I can't find any partners for Romania but if you contact them, I'm sure that their products are available somewhere close to you.

I went for Swift springs on original struts.. but my next upgrade will definitely be D2 coilovers (summertime on D2's, winter on swifts).
forester specific ones, impreza suspension is no problem to find :/... D2 racing hmm, dont know if it is better then xyz or ksports, im searching for endura tech now...
I noticed that Amber Performance is a dealer in UK for endura-tech, have sent them an email couple of days ago, but no response so far.

p.s: @Ronnyh give me a link please on pm with a store that sells them in EU.
If you mean Forester specific as in height the Enduratechs are Impreza height.
damn, i didnt know that :/...Im using it on the mountain roads from time to time so i want to be able make her height wise almost like standard maybe just a little bit lower... :)
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