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Help! - sti swap for my 2007

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Would it be cheaper to just buy an sti swap for my 2007 forester or build it into one.
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Assuming you are referring to the drivetrain specifically (engine and trans) and not the brakes, suspension, and all of the other bits that make an STi an actual STi, it depends on whether you intend to swap for the 6 speed manual also.

If you intend to keep the transmission you have and just upgrade the go fast bits, it is cheaper and easier to just upgrade the engine you have, depending on your power goals. I certainly wouldn't waste the effort to remove your engine and install an STi engine if you are going to mate it to the trans already in your car. That is far more work than changing the turbo, intercooler, intake, exhaust, and the few other items to make it go faster.

That said, neither option is effectively cheap. But one path involves quite a bit more work.
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2.5 STI engines still pop the headgasket and every now and then, suffer ringland issues. If you're spending that kind of money, rebuild your XT engine with better components (Forged pistons?) than what an STI engine has (Difference between XT and STI isn't much engine-wise.)

You wont get much better than an STI 6 Speed Getrag gearbox - Icing on the cake would be if you can get one with DCCD and the ECU for it.

No idea on pricing !
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