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2006 06 FXT & 05 OutB XT 6 Speed/DCCDPro / Auto
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I have a squeak near the turbo area. I thought it was the new downpipe I had put on about 3 weeks ago. When the car is at idle you and hear a little squeak. I started to look for it and thought it was the downpipe rubbing the brace under the tranny. I shut off the car and closed the door and I heard the same squeak so I felt a little better beacause I thougt it was the turbo. I went to a local muffler shop and put it up on the lift but the noise was not coming from the down below. Its coming from up above. If you shake the car a little you can hear the noise if you move the exhaust a little you can hear the noise up near the turbo.

Any ideas.. they did cut the heat sh when they put on the downpipe.. could that be the problem...anyone else ever have this happen... its driving me a little crazy at this point... Help.....
06 XT 5speed.. if that helps any...
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