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Hi there, some little jerk smashed our driver side (left side over here) mirror on our 98 Subaru forester.

i am finding it hard to find the part online...i have found a part on ebay (which unfortunately i am unable to link to because of the forum rules)

but here are the product details:

SUBARU Forester ('97 to '03) Passenger Side

Tex Replacement Glass for broken wing mirrors is available for most vehicles. Manufactured from OE quality glass and matching the original glass fitted to the vehicle. Tex Replacement Glass provides an easily fitted cost effective alternative to complete mirror replacement.

Ultra strong 2mm glass thickness. Each replacement glass mirror comes in an attractive robust blister pack with full fitting instructions included on the reverse of the packaging.

step 1. select the correct replacement glass wing mirror from our store

step 2. make sure any excess broken glass is removed from your mirror and wipe clean to remove any dirt

step 3. affix your new replacement glass wing mirror over the top of your existing broken mirror and press in to place, the adhesive pad will fix the new mirror in to place
but i am not sure if it is actually a mirror or just the says to just place it over the top of your smashed mirror but our mirror is smashed beyond hope, with just one or two little bits of glass still left on it (ie, much more than a cracked mirror), you can see the black plastic plate where the mirror should sit.

could anyone more experienced tell me if this will meet my needs. The mirror housing + plate are still intact, its just the glass/mirror that is broken.

if not, anywhere else i can find a left side mirror for a 98 forester, mirror needs to be 6.5" *not* the larger 7.5"

thanks for your help

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Sounds like it is just the glass.

You may have some luck finding the part number on
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