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help, problem with my "speed"

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I have little prob (i hope it is little) i have a 99 forester turbo (136000KM). So my problem is that the first speed is a few hard to put i mean when i'm spot(stop at the parking for exemple). But when i ride and i put the first speed(i mean when i come to a STOP) the speed pass normally. And no other speed have any problem at any time, juste the first on when i'm stopped.

(sorry for my english, i'm a swiss student, I hope you will understand my post)

Someone could help me?

Thanks a lot

Best regard
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are you commenting that the car is difficult to put into first gear?
yep, but only when i'm stop. when i drive and i come to a "STOP" i put the first, in that case the gear pass easily.
I mean, when u stop u know try let the clutch half way up i mean. That should get it in gear when u're stoped that is
ok, so at the first view it isn't too serious? i mean i don't have to change the "gear box"(dunno how we say) ?
oups i didn't understand right the word clutch, so i have to open my gearbox?
When stopped you can also try a momentary shift into 4rth gear and then go to first.

I typically try shift into first just a second before the car comes to a stop or if you can allow it to roll a little when going into first.
yep, if i put the 4th gear first or a another the first get in easily.

So it isn't big trouble? (like gear box will broke in a feuw miles?)
Nope, shouldn't be any thing to worry about.

Fairly normal.
If I'm completely stopped the only problem is occasionally reverse.

1st can be difficult to shift into when "almost" stopped. If you're driving sporty and want to downshift into 1st for max acceleration then you need to learn to "double-clutch" when downshifting. This means momentarily letting the clutch out in neutral between gears and tapping the gas before pushing the clutch back in to shift into 1st. Basically you're trying to match engine and tranny speed so that the syncronizers in the trans don't have to work so hard to match the speeds.

If you really want to have fun you can learn to do it while braking at the same time (right foot heel braking and toe blipping gas).

I don't usually drive extra sporty and sometime start in 2nd if I'm not completely stopped and not taking off too fast. You just have to be careful and not "lug" the engine with too low RPMs if doing that.
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