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Couple of weeks ago I smelled some weird smell from my car and took it to the mechanic, who said he couldn't find anything wrong with it and that maybe I'd been driving with my emergency brake on. I figured that while I never do that, maybe that was what had happened.
Then this morning I was in stop-and-go traffic for about 70 minutes with my manual-transmission 03 Forester. Not warm weather--probably high 50s. All of a sudden when I tried to accelerate in 1st gear, it hesitated before catching and felt really weak. It felt like it feels when you try to start in 2nd or 3rd from a full stop. I started to smell this awful smell, and I think I saw smoke coming from the front of the car.
I pulled over and didn't see anything wrong. Since I'd just passed the accident causing the traffic tie-up, I got back in, crossed my fingers, and drove to a mechanic. They smelled the smell, said it smelled like brakes or clutch, and put it up on the rack. Said they think it's the clutch, that it got overheated from being in traffic. I said that's strange since I just had the clutch replaced 14 months ago at this same shop, after going 95,000 miles on the same clutch. Are you saying this clutch is shot? They said no, it's just getting overheated, but it's safe to keep driving.
Does this sound legit to you guys? Does it sound like they gave me a crap clutch last year? Would love some opinions from y'all. Many thanks.
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