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Help! No Radio power aftermarket amp/sub

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I have done audio installs in almost every single one of my cars I have ever owned. The newer they get the more complex and tied into computer systems they get and the more frustrated I become..

Long story short, tore out the stereo today in my 2018 Forester XT. Added in the rear speakers audio breakout harness from

Ran power from battery to under passenger seat for amp
Ran from breakout harness 4 wires to under passenger seat for speaker-level output to amp.
Grounded amp to chasis under passenger seat.

Plugged all stereo cables back in and tested.

Upon starting I have no radio. I checked fuse inside cabin for Audio and Backup (as someone mentioned on here). I also checked under hood fuse for Audio. None of them display any indication of being blown.

I removed ground from battery, pushed the pedal a few times, and left off battery for 30 minutes. Went back into car, turned on ACC and still no stereo. It went through full check with MPG cycling and clock/date reset. I have dash lights, all headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, hazards, heated seats, A/C and heat, and illumination on knobs, they all function fine.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened. I have searched numerous threads and just about everyone says either fuse, or drain car power and hook back up again. I can't find anything beyond that.

Anyone else have any suggestions? I'm dead in the water, car works fine, but no stereo at all..?

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Have you tried putting it back to OEM setup to see if stereo works as previous??
Have you tried putting it back to OEM setup to see if stereo works as previous??

Not yet no. That would be my next step I suppose. It was a real pain in the *** to get apart so I was hoping not to go down that route.

I’ll put things back to the way they were and see what happens. I would think though that just by adding an adapter that taps the rear speaker connection that I would still have power to the head unit possibly just not rear speakers.

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Start from tracing +12V

Any idea what pin(s) on the cables bundles provides power?

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Well just wanted to come back on here to say, after talking to AutoHarnessHouse they were extremely helpful. They said the 10-pin is an extremely tight fit into the unit, and possibly wasn't seated all the way. Sure enough, I took the headunit out, and while it was seated, I had to squeeze as hard as possible to get it to click into place. Once I did that, everything came back to life.

Thanks for the suggestions all, and for a free plug, if you guys need adapters check those guys out. Superb communication and support.
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