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2005 Forester 2.5XS 5MT
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Well, this morning my Forester came really close to stranding me at home. It wouldn't fire up immediately, but rather cranked and cranked until it finally sputtered to life. Everything was mostly good until I got about a mile down the road when it stalled at a stop sign. Thankfully, it fired right back up after that, but now the cruise control light was blinking (but no other lights came on). I've had this happen in the past on my WRX, but it also involved a flashing check engine light. That turned out to be a misfire on one of the cylinders. My plan of attack is as follows:

1. Head to the local auto parts store to get the codes read (confirm the misfire)
2. Have the battery tested

Some info about the car:

2005 Model year with 154,000 miles. All maintenance is up to date (including spark plugs, timing belt, etc...). Manual transmission; at first I thought I dumped the clutch causing the stall, until I noticed the flashing cruise light 100 yards later.

The car ran like normal after firing it back up after the stall with the exception that cruise won't work in that mode. When I got to work, I turned it off and on again, cruise light stopped flashing. It was 8F outside this morning, much warmer than it has been around here lately.
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