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Help me identify this alternator / advice

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Hey, all, Happy New Year! Thanks for any help in advance. My 03 forester xs recently had brights go dim while driving, diagnosed it as alternator as I had 11.5 volts w/car on. Just pulled the old one, but I'm wondering if I should either have this one rebuilt, buy a new one, or..? I heard denzo is the best but it's not in the budget. I just don't know which brand I have, so if it is worth rebuilding or not. I'm on a budget so the 130 dollar Altima from Oreilly is looking like the best option. What brand alternator is this so I can determine if it's worth rebuilding or using as a core?

I'm having a multitude of issues, so stay tuned for questions on shotty head lights.


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Umm..don't rebuild it. That ended 40 years ago. Unless you have some heavy duty stereo equipmant just buy one at Nappa, Advance, etc.
Nothing wrong with reman. If you have a local rebuilder and can wait, you'll have a good unit when they're done with it.
@skedaddle take a look at this recent thread. Not for the melted terminal, but the discussion on a replacement alternator: :wink:

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Also take look at this thread, specifically the discussion on the deficient grounding on the earlier models:

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts