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2008 forester 2.5X
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Hi Folks,

I've been trying to find a way to get four replacement speakers shoehorned into my '08. I'm looking for decent high-efficiency matching speakers that I'll power with only an aftermarket head unit (no amp). I'm thinking that 6.25 coaxials for the front can be made to fit with the right adapter hardware (sea-scooby). It's finding 6.25 speakers that have matching rear speakers (of some size) that can fit in the rear. From all the threads I've read, it's the space in front of the speakers that's the problem, but most decent coaxials have protruding tweeters that won't fit behind the door panel.

An advisor at Crutchfield suggested that I just ditch the rear speakers altogether. Another suggested Boston Accoustics 6.25 (s65 or s65rc) and 5.25 (s55) speakers that should fit the front and might fit the rear with a little metal removal on the rear door. I think these are their low line speakers. I don't know about the quality.

I thought I'd consult the experts. Can you all chime in with what you've done? Any suggestions?
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