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New member here and i'm desperate for some help. I bought my 2009 Subaru Forester about 6 years ago with 60k miles on it. During my purchase I also went ahead and purchased the extended warranty that would cover the car at 100k or 7 years I believe. Had no problems with the car until after it 100k it seems. First I got the infamous head gasket leak about 3 years ago. My warranty had ended a year prior and the dealer i went to said it was going to be $2500 to get it fixed. I did some research and saw that this was a common problem with certain Subaru motors. I called Subaru America to plead my case and after some begging they gave me $2000 credit to go towards the repair. Got it fixed and the leak stopped.

Everything was good then a year and half later ended up with check engine light. Took it to the same dealer and they went ahead and put a remanufactured short block at 109k miles. Not really sure what the problem was but they did say on the notes that the CEL was caused by misfires. About 6 months ago my subie started leaking tranny fluid. Took it to the same dealer and they went ahead and changed the main seals. All these repairs were done under warranty from the original head gasket repairs.

Last week I started my move from Utah to Florida and a friend was driving the Subaru on our way to a planned pit stop in Austin. Half way through the subie ends up with CEL and was running really bad. Got it checked at autozone and it was misfire and cylinder 2 and 4. We went ahead and pretty much put new did a tune up, new spark plugs, wires and coils. We were able to fix the #2 misfire but #4 was a no go. Took it to a dealer here in Austin, TX and what they diagnosed is that my left camshaft lobes have been worn out and because of this the valves are not opening up and its what causing the misfire. They want $6k to replace it and as well as the oil pump. This car right now isn't worth it to pay that much to get it fixed.

I called Subaru of America to see if they can cover the repair since all these repairs i've had on my subie the last few years have all been done at Subaru Technicians and they should've noticed that my camshafts have been worn. They replied by saying no that they will not be able to cover this repair since they already gave us a good will repair with the head gasket. But I feel like the camshafts wearing out is probably because of all the other work that's been done to the car by subaru technicians. I've own hondas with over 200k miles and I have never had problems with camshafts lobes being worn out. My Subaru right now only has 118K miles and all the work has been done the last 20k miles.. Really love the subaru but man this is so frustrating. I thought Subarus were comparable to Hondas/Toyota as far as their durability.

Sorry for the long post. But to sum it up do you guys think that the camshaft lobes being worn was because of technician error or is it just "natural" for lobes to go out after 118k miles?

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Sounds like you were pretty unlucky with this car. I blew the motor in my 09 Forester racing up the mountain against a WRX, like a dumb ***. I was on the fence to have the motor rebuilt. I love the shop that did the repair and have since have them do tons of work on all my cars. That repair was done at 100k and the car now has 171k and runs perfectly. It was the best $3000 I have spent.

I would say you have been pretty unlucky and Subarus usually do much better than that. My car is worth about $8800, so I dont think 6k is a good value to repair it. Sounds like you shoudl fire that dealership too.
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