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2017 XT Touring in CBS HT CVT
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Aloha all,
I am requesting any and all help and identifying an errant connector I discovered after doing the EGR delete,installing the Cusco master cylinder brace and the torque Solutions steering dampener lockout. The connector in question comes out of a loom neat the corner of the firewall and the strut Tower on the passenger side. I had the intercooler out for the EGR delete and upon reassembly noticed a loose wire with a connector not plugged into anything. I may have pulled it loose from something unknowingly trying to yank the EGR cooler hoses free but I cannot be sure. I currently have it zip tied near the top of the strut to keep it accessible and safe. no warning lights have engaged no codes have been thrown and no abnormal driving behavior has been recognized after my short test drive after reassembly. If Anyone can tell me where the home for this connector is I will be in your debt!


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